Wednesday, July 23, 2008


A novel recounting the fictionalized WWZ, or 'Zombie Wars', starts out with a recollection from a Chongqing doctor who witnessed one of the early outbreaks of the disease. According to the fictional account, the region which once had a population of 35 million people is reduced to about 50,000...

I really can't even imagine this place so empty as that.

It does, however, seem likely that if an outbreak of 'zombie-ism' did occur, it could easily occur here, or in one of the many other overpopulated parts of China. (First) SARS, (second) Bird Flu, (third) Zombie Flu.

Not so far beyond the realm of possibilities as we would wish. Unfortunately, I doubt that the local branch of the PLA would take kindly to me arming myself with either shotgun or chainsaw. I wonder what manner of ZDDs (Zombie Deterrence Devices) can be procured from the ruins of an English training school?

China is, definitely, one of the more dangerous places to be if/when the zombie outbreak happens. You can't turn and spit without accidentally taking a bite out of your neighbor's brains. I can well imagine the tidal hordes of rotten, angry flesh unleashed in the mall squares.

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