Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How to Evade the Censors

Just so you know, this posting is a bit of an experiment. If the experiment worked out alright, you may be asking yourself, "What experiment?" My response would be the title of the post.

You see, I'm pretty angry that I had to abandon my previous, three year old, blog to the LiveJournal wilderness. I had already liked to curse the Chinese censors to hell, but afterwards I imagined special assignations for them, such as "grotto where the rabid, genital-gnawing Chinchillas live", or "the lagoon of the polluted, putrid quicksand".

The beauty of my current blog, however, was that although the Chinese censors had already found and blocked the content webpage (blogspot), they hadn't blocked the uploading page (blogger). Perhaps this concept was more than their fragile brain-gunk could handle. I've certainly always hoped so.

Imagine my horror, when the uploading page began not to work. I certainly do not look forward to moving my blog yet again! The first move was plenty enough.

But this blog contains within it yet another secret weapon. One which I'm choosing to test today. If today's blog posting works alright, then perhaps I'll never have to fear China's impotent censors ever again!


Anonymous said...

I got it. Does that mean it worked?

Bai Hai Feng (AKA: Bruce) said...

Yes, the ploy works great. :-)