Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another Experiment

I've noticed that when I drink water fresh from the tank, it tastes just fine, but leave it out for even half a day and it begins to taste like the calcified scum in a half-century-old pipe. My hypothesis is that the airborne particulate matter (ie, pollution) that is so much greater in China than most other countries must be gently drowning in--and defiling--my otherwise pure cup of water. I've decided to leave a cup of water out today with a paper across the top. We'll see how it tastes, later this evening.


Madeline Johnston said...

After not doing so for a long time, I looked up your blog a few months ago, just when it looked as if it would be closed down. I sent you a message then, but you may never have gotten it. Now tonight I was happy to find this. I enjoy reading of your experiences and impressions. I wish, though, that I could again find your pictures, but somehow on this screen I don't see a link to them.

Bai Hai Feng (AKA: Bruce) said...

This being a brand-new blog, it doesn't have a link to the old pictures (which you will for the moment have to continue to find on my old blog). There are a few new pictures in a couple of my first entries in the new journal (go to 'previous entries').

I am glad to know that people do continue to read and enjoy my entries from abroad.